Our Story

wasserwolke entertainment team

First classmates and after a while good friends. Wasserwolke Entertainment was founded by three people who have known each other for almost 20 years. We share one passion: Creation!
Our gaming experience has always been very bright and supports our process to create an excellent gaming experience in our own game.
Already back in 2000 we discussed the possibility of one day founding a game company to raise the standards.
Years later after educating into game design and the IT business, we are finally ready to fulfill our dreams. Wasserwolke Entertainment was founded on the 4th of March, 2016.
Of course we are still in the beginning of our path, but as you know: “The journey is the reward!” You are more than welcome to follow us on our journey and we appreciate every kind of support.

Team members

wasserwolke entertainment emanuel herzog
Emanuel Herzog / Founder


wasserowolke entertainment florin de ridder
Florin de Ridder / Founder


wasserwolke entertainment temuulen erdembileg
Temuulen Erdembileg / Founder